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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Where are you located, Mistress Danielle?

Australia, Melbourne CBD.

I am new to BDSM and have never served a Dominatrix before, will you see me?

Yes. scripted role-play, animals, minors, and any activity that is illegal or unsafe. Do not have the expectation of partial or full nudity.

I am First Aid, CPR, and BBP certified.

How do I know you’re the right Domme for me?

I enjoying playing with pain as a sensation, if you are looking for purely sexual domination,

 I enjoy building a long term connection with my subs and molding them to be better.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and classy Domme – I am not for you.

I enjoy being a cruel Domme next door, and a strict authoritative Domme  from time to time.

Play is fun for me and I intend to have the most fun!

I texted emailed you, why won’t you respond?

This could be a multitude of reasons or combination of the ones below:

  • the email does not have succfuice information to move forward to a session.

  • the email ask for service that I do not provide

  • the email contained questions that could be found the answers to on this page


I receive a lot of emails every day. Want my attention? Make it concise and to the point and with all the information I ask for, to ensure that it gets priority.


If I have served you before, do you take same day bookings?

Maybe, my schedule is in flux and changes daily due to cancellations and life changes.

Is it a private Dungeon?

Yes, with a shower

How much notice do you need to book a session?

24 to 48 hours in advance, though I take bookings up to 4 months ahead.

Can I send you something to read?

Possibly, with prior permission and Tribute for My time if it is longer than one paragraphs. For detail scripted negoations I extend tribute to compensate for my time.

How tall are you? What size are you? What is you shoe size?

167cm in bare feet. 5 ft 9 in 3 inch heel, though in Pleaser platform hight heel I am 6ft 1.

Aus size 8-10, EUR 38. Boots size 9, EUR 39.

Do you do full toilet training FTT, BS?

Yes.  I offer FTT/BS once day 10am/11am with a deposit.  I do not go on command. ALL BS session are prepaid and pre planned.

Do you travel for sessions?

Yes, I travel and tour within Australia and internationaly, I annoc my tours in my newsletter, also on twitter X and my socials.

What is your Tribute?

My Tribute is at the high end of the range for sessions with professional Dominatrixes in Melbourne Australia. It is reflective of My experience, skills, high caliber of equipment I use and maintain, and the professionalism, discretion and privacy I offer.

Can I be your personal slave or houseboy?


Do I have to bring my own toys? (diapers, chastity, clothing, etc.)

While I have my own toys, I do enjoy playing and trying out new toys. Have some unique DIY pieces? Please show me so we can test them on you. If they are items such as chastity, diapers, clothing, please bring your own! If you have a cock ring/vibator/particular anal toy that you enjoy bring them. Welcome to bring outfits wigs shoes chasity that fits you.

Are you discreet, Mistress? Will I be able to maintain my privacy before and during my meeting with you? What happens if we meet by chance in “real life”?

Yes, my discretion is 100% assured and I will never compromise your privacy. I post a lots of my play on X, it is part of my creative expression. I will always ask for your consent before I post them. I do not wish to included anyone gentails face or tattoo, I can blurr them out before I post them. I will not approach you in public and I expect the same from you. I will not call or if you have provided me with contact details, and expressly said that you were happy for me to use them to contact you.

How shall I prepare before I visit you Mistress/before our session?

you can have a shower at my studio. However, if you are wanting any substantial “anal play” then please do make sure you properly clean yourself before arriving.

As for the play room – Is this an official/commercial dungeon?


– and – Is your place discreet, clean and heated, and do you have a bathroom I could use (I am coming straight from work and may be a bit ‘work smelly’ so if possible, could I have a shower)?

My private studio is my place and not a commercial dungeon. I do not rent it out and it is discreet, well heated in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. There is also a bathroom, clean towels and (unscented) toiletries for you to use before and after the session.

Will the session start straight away? I may actually want it to, but would like to know beforehand.

No, our session will not start straight away unless we have already met, AND we have discussed or agreed something like this beforehand.

Typically, after you arrive at my chambers (and if it is your first time – got over your nervousness – don’t worry it is quite normal!) I like to have a short, relaxed chat.

This is a chance for us to talk about your fetishes (anything you were too shy to mention) and kink in general, for you to confess anything you have left out (phobias, secret Viagra taking, etc. etc.) and for us to get to know each other whilst you relax a little and get used to my presence.

For those with more experience and those with whom I have played before, I do offer an opportunity to go straight into the session, which may start straight at my door or even… elsewhere (I do love the occasional covert-public play session! …and have been known to do the odd “kidnapping”).

What if I can’t have any marks?

As a general rule I do NOT mark any of my subjects without discussing it beforehand. Even if you’ve forgotten to mention that in our communication, I will always check whether you can have marks, and how long for, before we play.  

I don’t like pain and I’m scared of the whole BDSM – pain thing. Is there any way to do something without pain or maybe with just a little bit to see what it might be like? 

Many, in fact over half of my privileged visitors don’t enjoy pain (some dedicated subs suffer a little bit if they have been naughty or just to please me). The answer, however, is a huge YES OF COURSE you can have a session with no pain (or only a tiny taste if you wish). In fact, no reputable Professional Mistress would consider incorporating much pain in someone’s first ever BDSM experience.

Remember there are a whole variety of BDSM practices that do not involve any pain at all. You can indulge in bondage, tie and tease, edging, body and foot worship, sissification, sensation play, and domestic servitude to name just a few. 

Does a safe word indicate I want to stop the session, or just tone down the activity, or will you use some other way for this?

The device I use to detect how you feel most often is your own mouth!
You are at all times required to tell me if you’re in any form of distress not caused specifically by me.

I use RED as a universal safe word.

I also enjoy using “forfeit” words which allow (for the penalty of a little forfeit play) a change from one activity to another, perhaps less testing one!

If you’re gagged, muzzled or in any other way been rendered unable to speak (apart from being tongued tied by my presence), then I will instruct you in how to signal and gain my attention appropriately (most often by simply tapping, but for example with more advanced bondage, I make use of items such as “flash balls”).

You are of course also allowed to say ‘mercy Mistress!’ at any time if you wish me to reduce any activity’s intensity, but I always introduce any new activity or sensation gradually and you will have plenty of time to adjust to and enjoy each new and exciting feeling. 

Do you have a real cock for me to suck?

In Las Vegas, I have a stable of bulls and beautiful trans cocks for you to try to please. Even if it’s just the tip.

Do you wrestle?

While I wrestle with many hearts and always win, I do not offer wrestling sessions on my own. I prefer to be in the ring with another Domme or Dommes. Doubles or multiple domme sessions for this is always more fun as we all tire you out and pin you down.

I am a service sub, here to make your life softer by running errands and doing and gathering odds and ends for you. How can I serve you?

While in Vegas, I have 2 puppies who cook, clean, chauffeur, do my laundry and pick up my packages, I would say my stable is rather full there. However, I do adore service subs especially while I am traveling. There are so many things that can occur whilst traveling and I prefer things a certain way. If I am coming to your city and you’d love to welcome me to make my stay the best it can be, you may approach via an application on my website and offer specific services and skills you have to offer. I prefer your availability to be open whilst my stay to satisfy my every whim.

Does the deposit go towards the total session tribute?

Yes, you are to bring the remainder of the session tribute minus the deposit at the time of the session.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that life happens and that there are things that may affect you from doing what you truly want to do and serve me. However, canceling on me affects my schedule and takes away from the time in which someone else may have served me. Hence, there is a $200 minimum deposit for sessions that are less than 2 hours and 30% deposit for sessions more than 2 hours. Do let me know as soon as you can so that I may reschedule my day appropriately.

Cancellations within 72 hours of the date forfeit the deposit; unless rescheduled within a week from the original date where the deposit will be forwarded.

Cancellations within 48 hours are required to pay 50% of my tribute.

Cancellations within 24 hours are required to pay 100% of my tribute.

On the rare occasion that I cancel, I will allow you to reschedule.

Abusing rescheduling or canceling will result in the loss of privilege of serving me.

Do you accept couples?

I love playing with couples! It is so much fun to strengthen a relationship and add in some specific quality time. You learn so much more about your partner and it’s beautiful to watch a relationship grow stronger.

I have read everything on your website and am ready to serve, how do I book a session with you?

For first timers, the only way to book the initial session is by completing the application form. Follow my process and you will find yourself kneeling before me.

What if I am unable to make the session?

You will communicate this with me immediately as it effects my schedule. You may reschedule using the same deposit within 30 days from your session date. If it is over that time period, the deposit becomes a gift.

What happens after a session?

After a session, you may still feel like you are riding the highs of our session for another day or you may feel a sub drop. You’ve released a bunch of adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin during the session and now you are depleted. This may look differently in every person, but make sure to take care of yourself. Eat something good, do something that makes you happy, cuddle up in a soft blanket. I will email you to check in and you may also leave me a review testimonial of our time together. If you catch yourself continually thinking about our time together, let me know by sending me a tip.

What is Domme drop?

Domme drop happens after a session where the dominant feels low in energy and down emotionally. She too has released various neurochemicals and exhausted herself in curating an experience with you the previous day. She is creatively drained and must replenish in whatever way that may look like for her.

How can I ease your Domme drop?

Aww! So sweet of you! I love it when subs continue their servitude and truly care about bettering my life and contributing to it. Honestly, dark vegan chocolate is something that will melt my heart. Combine that with a gift card for a massage or spa and I will be floating on a cloud like a Goddess again.

I can no longer text you mistress?

Blocking waster is the best part of my day.

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