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Thankyou for all the slaves , masochist and fetishist who contributed to my testimonials.


If you would like your testimonial to appear here, please email me.

Slave S 2024

Session review:

As I was visiting Australia, I really wanted to discover a new side of BDSM. Official dungeons like this one are illegal in my country so it was a great discovery for me to experience.

I contacted mistress Danielle because she was really into kidnapping scenarios like I am.

Our exchange of emails were professional yet very welcoming and I already knew it would be 2 great hours of fun and pain.

Even if we discussed a bit through emails, she took enough time in the beginning to make sure we were on the same page. She really took into consideration my health issues to make sure everything would be perfectly safe.

And then the fun and the pain began. She was very into the kidnapping roleplay we decided beforehand. As I was expertly tied up I could not move an inch and knew that I would be at her complete mercy for 2 hours.  Our session was then a subtle mix between pain, pleasure and roleplay. She really used any information I gave her to make it an amazing experience for me and I really thank her for that. Once it was over (as you can imagine, time flew by), we had a really friendly chat before parting ways.

If you were brave enough to read all this through, I cannot recommend enough a session with mistress Danielle.


Kind regards

Slave C

I've had the opportunity to serve Mistress Danielle, she is beautiful and charming, she is experienced, she is playful, she always knows what to do and enjoys what she does. I like it when she laughs at me meanly, when she spanks me and whips me energetically, when she spits in my mouth harshly, when she orders me to kneel infornt of her and kiss her gorgeous feel firmly. She has mad me learn my position in the presence, on my next visit I humbly tipped Mistress as she accepted. It is always pleasant to be Mistress Danielle's slave.

Slave M

I had the privilege to meet Mistress Danielle, she is hot, active, and an expert Dominatrix with sweet eyes. In our role play session, I got lost in a fantasy world of foot worship, punishment and torture. Overall rating 110/100

Slave P

Mistress Danielle hads been my one and only Goddess for the past 4 years and I have never even entertained the thought of another. A beautiful lady with a good Soul. She can turn from laughter to cruelty in a heartbeat and revels in joyful Sadism. Experienced and adventurous she will scratch a slave's itch till it really hurts, then hurt you some more. I think she is wonderful.

Sub D

I have seen Mistress regularly for the last 4 years. I can say she is everything a Dominatrix should be, and also has an instinctive ability to understand her clients needs and desires, as well as a sense of humour!

Fetishist V

I'm a regular client of Mistress Danielle for 6 years. I like everything about her. She is charming, has a warm and caring personality, and has a great sense of humour. She is very approachable on a human level, making you instantly feel comfortable, which a special gift. Also very experienced and extremely professional. She is everything a Mistress should be. Highly recommend her to everyone.


The sting of the whip, the burn of wax. Tight rope, smothering latex. Nipples pierced, anal cavity full, electrified and balls pulled excruciatingly tight. Layer upon layer Mistress builds the intensity until consensual limits are reached. My journey into the depths of kink wonderfully facilitated by Mistress Danielle Rubber's skills and care will surpass your expectations. Don't live your life without this experience.

Loyal fan W

Thank you Mistress Danielle Rubber for accompanying me on my foray into professional BDSM and kink. Your experience, skill, understanding, safety and care have been wonderful. Especially thank you for the conversations we have shared, I find they balance the intoxicating pain and cruelty you apply to every session. I can heartily recommend your sessions to both newbies and experienced kinksters.


The instant you meet Mistress Danielle you know something very special and black is at hand. As a moth is masochistically drawn to a flame, so too will you be drawn in by Mistress's sadistic sensuality.  You will be beguiled by a plethora of indelibly intoxication skills administered with consummate cruelty.

Sub B

The dungeon is wonderfully warm and decor masks its erotically evil equipment. This is a place where all your kinks and preversions are realised. This latex devils' sanctuarly will be your Nirvana, it beckons as you obey and submit yourself in total trust to a true icon. Now is the time to obediently bow down and worship at the altar of pleasure. Life will never be the same, the moth has only one destiny.

Sub Dav

I've been indulging in the delights of this industry all over Australia for many years now, and my absolute favourite has always been Mistress Danielle. I've had so many incredible experiences with her I've lost count. She is a beautiful face and smile, with flawless skin and body that is fit and strong, perfect to dish out a beating. :) She has her own very unique way of bringing your fantasy to life that's extremely sex and addictive. On top of all this Mistress Danielle is very easy and open minded to communicate with, very intelligent, and always professional. Being from out of state she has become my absolute favourite attraction in Melbourne and booking a session with her is always a must for me. She has fulfilled my fantasy countless times and every times she takes me away to that place of ecstasy. No matter how hard she hurts and beats me, I'll always be back begging for more.

Sub A

I have visited Mistress Danielle many times and always had an enjoyable session. Mistress is a pretty dominant lady who is an excellent communicator, creative and great at making (my) femdom role play ideas happen in a fun and safe way.

Sub J

I had a great session with Mistress Danielle, it was a great session of CBT and Sounds. Thankyou so much.

Sub 4

My interest is in no limits no mercy session where Mistress enjoy doing what she does, as long as its safe, the slave (me ) will take it. Mistress Danielle was creative and cruel, I did it for her pleasure. I will need another session soon. Looking forward to visiting and being hurt as much as you like. Best wishes.

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