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About me

I have an Oriental background, I utilise my language skills to my advantage when it suits me. This enables me to dominate submissives and play with individuals from all walks of life, all over the world.

I spent most of my adolescence reading Hentai and diving into all things related to BDSM. The interaction between pain and beauty piqued my intellectual curiosity, like the ancient (now-obsolete) practice of foot binding in China. 
I enjoy the flow of BDSM, as it grounds us in the moment. Achieving a state of mind where your attention is focused on the movements of your body, the psyche of power exchange, and the inescapable bondage. You are living in the moment, utterly absorbed in the present activity. Time becomes a mere construct, fading away...

Together we can collaborate and curate a scene, with high and lows, different tempo and rhythm, like an immersive art installation to be explored.

As a dominant, I enjoy latex, bondage, power exchange, please  read "My Kinks" for all my interests and what I offer.

I take bookings from Monday to Saturday, from 11am - 8pm. I welcome same-day sessions but bookings have to be made before 12 noon. I do not accept outfit request for any sessions less than 3 hours.

Please send your session request to My email or text the number provided in the "Session" page.


Essential information that must be included in your request:
Name, age, type of session, BDSM interests, your experience (none is ok), date/time/length of the session.

I will not reply to your enquiry unless you have sufficient information for session planning. Also if you have not read "My Kinks" and ask me for activities that I do not offer,  or try to waste my time, I will not respond.

If you are ready to submit, you will adhere to my communication guidelines and engage with proper etiquette.

If you meet My standards, you will get a formal greeting from Me with deposit details. Once deposit is made I will send you confirmation of the session, we will start session planning and I will give direction to My Play Space.

Mistress Danielle Bondage & Discipline. Domination & Submission.  Professional independent Asian Dominatrix specializlig in BDSM, Bondage, Latex BDSM, an educator, and fetish model.  Melbourne based elite Dominatrix, Indulging submissive's, slaves and Fetishist alike. Explore the magic art of BDSM

before we play

How I fee l about kink

Please, take care of yourself, your mind, eat something nice, make sure you had a good sleep. Don’t come to see me and ask me to do heavy things if you are not well rested, haven’t eaten or if you’re super dehydrated. Take care of your body. Is there anything on your mind?


And I try to give them a template of what to expect. I think this should be the standard. This is the baseline of how all your healthy sexual interactions should be, right?


I love the the pleasure in being able to facilitate a safe space for people to express their kinks – our pleasure of holding space. We like giving that, facilitating that; compersion, to make someone happy, is very pleasurable, even though it is a commercial transaction. And for myself as a kinky person to have that space, that freedom, to play – holding that space goes both ways. Maybe something isn’t my kink, but because it’s doing so much for someone else, I get secondary pleasure.


I think that for someone to trust – they are letting themselves be vulnerable when they truly know what they ask for as a submissive, because some of those things – society told us it’s shameful, it’s indulgent, BDSM sometime is misconstrued as abuse, like you’re wanting self-harm – so when a submissive comes to me and they’ve processed all that shame and bullshit and they still truly then ask for something – whatever it is, like, whether it’s being beaten up or slapped or fisted, whatever, then I see it as they’ve gone through some trials and tribulation to the point that they can discover self-love in the pleasure that they seek and know that it’s all OK, I love to help.

I’m very drawn to power dynamics in bondage, and playing with pain as a sensation. I get into someone’s headspace to pull that dynamic really far, where they put me at the top and let themselves be at the bottom. In that interaction, I think what I enjoy the most is control. Wrapped in control is that someone trusts you so much to give you so much power to play with. In a consensual setting, it might look like this – calling them names, stick needles in their balls, cut them, slap them, hang them upside down, dunk them in water. I really like all those risk-taking technical things, like playing with the body, making someone breathless, playing with lung capacity, waterboarding someone. It is, in a way, exploring pleasure, but also through pain.


I like the storyline of being the villain, bringing someone through their trials and tribulations, and then they come out the other side and they’re ecstatic! I find that sometimes it’s a weird bonding when someone’s done that with you and they trust you so much, and then by the end you have not killed them and they say, “Wow, I love this. This is amazing. I’ve just had this wild roller coaster experience and I’m still here and you will still hold me and respect me as a person. Awesome.”


In my experience, a lot of clients haven’t practiced so much negotiation, and then someone asks them, “How do you actually want to feel? What do you want to experience?” and this kinds of puts the responsibility back on them. It shows them that yes, they’re giving me control, but they still have the choice to say “Stop”, “Slow down”, “Play harder”, “Play lighter. Aftercare is also education, because most of them don’t understand why they need aftercare.


And I find I am also teaching them pre care which is – I have a lot of people who do many stupid things before they start a session. They come to me after a party bender, with empty stomach, hangovers, all this stuff, so I actually pre-empt that and I say, ‘Look, please, take care of yourself, your mind, eat something nice, make sure you had a good sleep. Don’t come to see me and ask me to do heavy things if you are not well rested, haven’t eaten or if you’re super dehydrated. Take care of your body. Is there anything on your mind?’

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