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  • Where are you located, Mistress Danielle?
    Australia, Melbourne.
  • Signs that I am the Domme for you?
    I have many example of my works in my gallery, please have a look and read about my "Interests and Specialties" and what I offer. I enjoy tailoring session to the individuals who like to explore their fetishes, kinks and other sensations. However, if you are looking No mercy, No consent. I am not your mistress. I value effective communication, adaptability, creating a safe fun environment for kinky play. I expect you to bring your positive energy and enthusiasm.
  • I am new to BDSM and have never served a Dominatrix before, how do I make an appointment with you?
    Please text or write me an email, and follow my deposit process/instructions to make a booking. Essential information that must be included in your request: Name, age, type of session, BDSM interests, your experience (none is ok), date/time/length of the session. ​ I will not reply to your inquiry unless you have sufficient information for session planning. Also if you have not read "Interests & Specialities" and ask me for activities that I do not offer, or try to waste my time, I will not respond. ​
  • How do I make a deposit? What is your Tribute?
    Please email me with an introduction before you make a deposit. My Tribute is at the fair range for sessions with professional Dominatrixes in Melbourne Australia. It is reflective of the handsome and discreet space I offer, the high caliber of equipments I use and maintain, my experience, skills. I take Beemit deposit for ALL bookings. - You will have to download the Beem app, and have it already set up on your phone. My beemit account name - @DRubber Note that my tribute starts at $450. $550 for pegging. See my SESSION page for more details.
  • Do you travel for sessions?
    Yes, I travel and tour within Australia and Internationally, I announce my furture tours in my monthly Newsletter, also on twitter X and my socials. I also offer outcalls in Melbourne, I require 50% deposit.
  • Do you do full toilet training FTT, BS?
    Yes. I offer FTT/BS once day 10am/11am with a deposit. I do not go on command. ALL BS session require deposit or prepaid and pre planned.
  • Can I bring my own toys? (diapers, chastity, clothing, shoes, wigs etc.)
    If they are items such as chastity, diapers, clothing, yes please feel free to bring it if you have a preference for them! If you have a cock ring/vibator/particular anal toy that you enjoy, bring them. Welcome to bring outfits wigs shoes chasity that fits you. Recently I have some one bring a anal spreader that they wanted me to use on them. If you have some unique toys, please feel free to bring it to me, and we can test them on you.
  • I identify as LGBTIQA+ would you see me?
    Yes, all gender expression welcome.
  • I texted emailed you, when will you respond?
    I try my best to reply in a timely matter, that could be 1 hour or 2-3 days, I receive a lot of texts/ emails every day. If you want my attention? Make it concise with all the information I require to ensure that it gets priority. Essential information that must be included in your request: Name, age, type of session, BDSM interests, your experience (none is ok), date/time/length of the session. ​ I will not reply to your inquiry unless you have sufficient information for session planning. Also if you have not read "Interests & Specialities" and ask me for activities that I do not offer, or try to waste my time, I will not respond. ​
  • Is it a private Dungeon?
    Yes, it is well heated in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. There is also a bathroom, clean towels and toiletries for you to use before and after the session. There is a cage and many other BDSM equipments to play with.
  • How much notice do you need to book a session?
    24 to 48 hours in advance, though I take bookings up to 4 months ahead. Deposit essential.
  • How shall I prepare before I visit you Mistress before our session?
    You can have a shower at my studio. However, if you are wanting any substantial “anal play” then please do make sure you properly clean yourself before arriving. Other pre session care ideas - have a good meal, stay hydrated.
  • What if I can’t have any marks? I don't want to play with pain.....
    I will always check whether you can have marks, or want marks. I do NOT mark any one without discussing it beforehand. I have had submissive ask me for hard cannings with NO marks, I always explain if this is the level of corpral you want, then you have to accept marks. Otherwise we can not play at this level, I am not a magician and like to set realistic expectations. Kink is a big marvellous realm with many sensation to play with, it is not all about pain. I can indulge you in bondage, tie and tease, sensory deprivation, edging, body and foot worship, GS, spitting, sissification, sensation play, and domestic servitude and much more.
  • Will the session start straight away?
    No, unless we have made previous arrangement and have negotiations previously, or we have played before. Typically, we have a relaxed chat about your fetishes and kink in general, for us to get to know each other before we begin. We have a chat about any medical concerns you may have, your safe word, your limits. What is the most important sensations for you in session, and how you would like to feel? You are welcome to have a shower before we begin. You will have the rest the tribute ready for me before session begins.
  • How tall are you? What size are you? What is you shoe size?
    I am 167cm in bare feet. 5 ft 9 in 3 inch heel, though in Pleaser platform high heel I am 6ft 1. I am Aus size 8-10, EUR 38. Boots size 9, EUR 39. Stocking size - XL
  • Can I be your personal slave ?
    No, I have everything I need at the moment.
  • Will I be able to maintain my privacy before and during my meeting with you?
    Yes, my discretion is 100% assured and I will never compromise your privacy. I post a lots of my play session on X, it is part of my creative expression. I will always ask for the individuals consent before I post them. I do not wish to included anyone genitals, face or tattoo, I can blur your face out before I post them. I will not approach you in public and I expect the same from you. I will not call or text, unless you have provided me with contact details, and expressly said that you were happy for me to use them to contact you.
  • Does the deposit go towards the total session tribute?
    Yes, you are to bring the remainder of the session tribute minus the deposit at the time of the session.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancellations within 24 hours of the date forfeit the deposit. If you cancel or reschedule with 3 days notice I will allow you to use 50% of your deposit at my discretion within 1 months of the original booking date. If you have made a deposit and no show, I keep you deposit as a gift.
  • Do you accept couples?
    Yes, and all gender expressions welcome.
  • What happens after a session?
    We have a debrief and some aftercare before you go home. Your homework are : eat a good meal, get a great sleep, know that you may have a sub drop, your body released a bunch of adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin during the session and now you are depleted, so be gentle with yourself and stay away from toxic people. For heavy players- I will email you to check in. You may also leave me a review testimonial of our time together.
  • What is top drop? How can I ease your Top drop?
    Domme/top drop happens after a session where the dominant feels low in energy and down emotionally, just like you could. If I have had a busy day composing session, I exhausted my CHI, I am an introvert and need time to decompress, I replenish by resting and hugging my cats. How can you help? Coffee and dark vegan chocolate is something I appreciate. Combine that with a gift card for a massage or spa and I will be shinning like a sunflower again. ​
  • I can't text or call you anymore?
    Blocking time wasters is the best part of my day. If you find that you are blocked, its because you have not show proper etiquette or manners, or have not follow my booking process, AND you are a repeat offender.
  • How can I gift you something?
    My "gifts list" has been a working progress, for now please use beem app, @DRubber, I welcome cash, Its a gift of freedom to use as I see fit, it could be for a meal, or a new outfit or a show. Prezzee Smart eGift Card welcome. I also appreciate whiskey, chocolate, visa vouchers, lingerie vouchers, yoga and pilates vouchers. Spa vouchers. I welcome all gift of fetish toys, latex, bondage toys, whips, canes.
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